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I was visiting my parents for the summer and I was told to take the family to Glenda’s Barber shop for a great cut. Miss Glenda is the ultimate, we know where to go for a great cut and she is  excellent with children

Kryler family

My husband thinks no one can cut his hair but Miss Glenda!

John from Charleston

I have a 4 year old that gives me a fit every time he gets a haircut somehow Miss Glenda can get through the cut with no problems.

 Anderson family

Glenda’s barber shop is the place to go for a good haircut!  I had doubts about going to a barber shopbut now I have no regrets.  I have had so many compliments in on my hair.

S. T. Carson

I go to miss Glenda to my cut along with my four teenage sons we are also pleased with our cuts

The Simpsons

My husband and I get our hair cut at Glenda Barber shop because she has personality Plus! She is one of the first people to I’ve met that gives you a cut just like you want and explains to you. She listens

J and G from Charleston

Good cuts always at Glenda’s Barber shop!

Terry from Ohio